The Pharaohs and Their People Scenes of Old Egyptian...


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Author  E. Berkley
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 12, 2012
Pages  332

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Tzz 31 PREFACE. The growing interest that is felt in all that concerns Egypt and its past has led me to hope that there may be many who will be glad of a book containing, in a concise and easily accessible form, the chief results of modern research and discovery in the valley of theN ile. The Manuscript of this work was submitted toD r. Lushington, formerly Professor of Greek at Glasgow University, and he has very kindly permitted the publication of the following opinion :I tappears to me very carefully and accurately written, with diligent consultation of the most trustworthy sources. The illustrative quotations interspersed seem well calculated to inspire and maintain interest in the reader as well as the descriptive sketches.
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