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Author  Clive Cussler
Publisher  Berkley
Publication Date   October 23, 1997
ISBN  1471129411


A Cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond, Dirk Pitt is the man all women want and all men want to be. Who wouldn't mind being tall and athletic like him, with combat training, a brilliant scientific mind, an encyclopedic knowledge of history, just about every skillset an adventurer could possibly need (rock climbing, deep sea diving/swimming like a fish, sailing, flying, gliding, parachuting), solid friends in every position and industry to lend a hand when I need them, and of course that awesome collection of classic cars kept in the aircraft hangar that would be my home. At least I have a slice of his rakish sense of humor. The stories are action thrillers, in a historical context, often with Bond-like villains with plots that will end up greatly damaging the world at large; the more implausible ones often make for the better books. Characters are lively and entertaining. In particular, the friendship between Dirk and Al Giordino is well-played throughout the series; they have an easy camaraderie and act like brothers, holding each other accountable and saving each others' lives repeatedly.

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