The Chronicle of the Early Britons


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Author  Wm R (Bill) Cooper
Publication Date   June 10, 2012
Pages  150


This is a translation of Jesus College MS LXI, formerly known as the Tysilio Chronicle. It tells the story of the ancient Britons (in their own words) from the founding of their nation in 1104 BC until the Roman invasions of 55 BC and AD 43, and then on through the coming of the Saxons, the dispossession of the Britons and the founding of the Principality of Wales. Thus, some 2000 years of recorded history, omitted from most history books, is presented to the modern reader. The book contains 574 endnotes on geographical, historical, linguistic and other matters, giving the student or interested reader the opportunity of delving yet deeper into this suppressed and ignored chronicle.

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