Genesis of Genesis


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Author  William Lawrence Lipton
Publication Date   June 7, 2012
Pages  220


How ancient is ancient astronomy?
At what level have we played Lost & Found with the same information?
Have we had that information in our homes all along?
What’s the connection between China, Britain, Egypt, & Israel?
You read some of the answer in “Grandpa Was A Deity” ...
Now learn the rest.
In 1892, Benjamin Bacon wrote of The Book of Genesis: "The minutest detail of numbers, statistics and measurements pervades all the history, and gives to the whole document the tone of a mathematical calculation." He was unable to explain the math. It has taken 120 years -- the life span of man – for someone to explain what Bacon observed.
In 1994, A&E produced a show, "Mysteries of the Bible", in which, Brandeis University Professor of Biblical Studies, Marc Zvi Brettler, stated: "The ages of the Bible really are a mystery and really are quite perplexing if people were to take everything that is said in these stories literally." Termed “Secret Knowledge”, the meaning has been passed down through a family line descended from King David to the famed eleventh century Talmudic scholar, Shlomo Yitzhaki, known by the acronym title of “The Rashi.”
Sixty years ago, P. R. Lipschitz, a Talmudic scholar and descendant of The Rashi, and, and believing he had a short time to live, followed family custom and passed the secret to his only male-line grandson. Not long thereafter, he was placed in a Jewish nursing home, where he shared a room with a well known NYC Rabbi, for the remainder of their lives, the two men engaged in Talmudic discussion, and debate; passing on within hours of each other. From that, a family joke emerged to explain the nearly simultaneous deaths: "the two Talmudic scholars having reached an impasse on a matter of law and decided to take the debate to a higher authority."
As the author has no grandson to whom he could pass the knowledge, he has – for reasons made clear by his newest book, Saint Paul’s Joke – decided to make it public. By so doing, he establishes the truth of the first-century words of the Historian, Josephus, and shows the link between Stonehenge, the Giza Pyramids, and other, lesser known, megalithic structures. You will also learn why the First Jerusalem Temple, designed for King David, was not built until the 4th year of the reign of his son, Solomon; with its construction, the mathematical coding ends, and the required nature of subsequent scriptures changed.
For centuries, following the fall of the Second Temple, mystics, Masons, and Kabbalists have spoken of and sought to learn, that which, through the millennia, has been retained within one family.
Once you have read, and absorbed the information, you will realize why a recent analysis of the male DNA for the family of King Tut – as documented on film by The Discovery Channel, but not fully revealed in a paper published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (February 17, 2010) – is British, rather than North African.
A famous Hebrew once said, "For we know in part ... "; a time will come when all the parts will be made whole – for those with the eyes to see, and ears to hear.
This book is a MUST BUY for any who are interested in scriptural origins and meanings. Or, if only because you are interested in the logic and scientific [structural] purpose of the two of the Great Wonders of the World – Stonehenge and the Giza Pyramids.

Once you have learned the history, you can learn your future.
Prophecy laid the foundation, prophecy establishes the pinnacle – in our time.
This is not Dooms Day though for some it will be apocalyptic.
Read about the destiny of Rome; read what Saul of Tarsus really required of his Gentiles.
SAINT PAUL'S JOKE is now available on Amazon.

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