Drape the Couches


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Author  David Galvin
Publisher  David Galvin Publications
Publication Date   January 20, 2014
Pages  194


Destined to last twelve hundred years, Rome again finds herself at breaking point. One man and one man alone, Caesar Diocletianus, has to act quickly as barbarian hordes cross his frontiers and internal revolts spread. In appointing the aggressive Maximianus as co-ruler, he defiantly splits the Roman world in two. One is to rule in the East; the other in the West.
However, without their sanction or authority, a third claimant quietly sets about taking his chance at seizing the throne. In declaring himself as their brother and a saviour too, would the lowly born but rebellious Mausaeus Carausius’ reign be able to succeed in the far off province of Britannia or would he eventually fall prey to the gods of Rome?
What marks him out – he has stolen their fleet.

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