Mistress of the Temple


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Author  Yvonne Harlech
Publisher  Hathor Press
Publication Date   June 2, 2012
Pages  300


Based on a fascinating true story…a novel about Dorothy Eady (aka Omm Sety) and the search for her ancient identity.Two lives intertwine across the millennia…a priestess, a pharaoh, a love affair transcending time, only one woman can unravel their secrets….
‘Yvonne Harlech’s passion for this era leaps off the page at you and you find yourself absolutely absorbed. Feeling the desert sun burning your skin and just wishing you could be there at those feasts! It’s rare to come across a biographical novel that is so engrossing. It was such a good read that the images have remained. Thoroughly enjoyable, rich and satisfying; Mistress of the Temple has entered my top ten of favourite books and is unlikely to be removed.’ Rachel Malone, Historical Novel Society
‘Yvonne Harlech is a mistress of her craft and has a real gift for moving seamlessly through time and state of consciousness. To read is to become happily lost in a dream that may not be a dream. But Oh! What a pleasure of a book!’ Catherine Dees, co-author Omm Sety’s Egypt.

An enchanting account of temple life in the 19th Dynasty, where a love affair transcends the millennia. An imaginative fusion of fact and fiction…interweaving the past and present into an enriching novel about love, memory, and the enduring power of ancient Egypt.
The dramatic tale continues in the follow-up, Harp of Joy

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