The Dawn of Astronomy


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Author  Joseph Norman Lockyer
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 20, 2012
Pages  474

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The enormous advance which has been recently made in omastronomical knowledge, and in our power of investigating the various bodies which people space, is to a very great extent due to the introduction of methods of work and ideas from other bianches of science. Much of the recent progress has been, we may indeed say, entii-ely dependent upon the introduction of the methods of inquiiy to which I refer. While tliis is genemlly recognised, it is often forgotten that a knowledge of even elementary astronomy may be of very great assistance to students of other branches of science; in other words, that astronomy is well able to pay her debt. A mongst those bianches is obviously that which deals vrith. mans fii-st attempts to grasp the meaning and phenomena of the univei se in wliich he found himself before any scientific methods were available to him; before he had any idea of the origins or the conditionings of the things around him. In the present volume I propose to give an account of some attempts I have been making in my leism-e moments during the past three years to see whether any ideas could be obtained as to the early astronomical views of theE gyptians, from a study of theiitemples and the mythology connected with the vaiious cults. How I came to take up this inquii-y may be gathered from the folloW ng statement :I tchanced that in March, 1890, dm-ing a brief holiday, I went to theL
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