A History of Ancient Greek Literature


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Author  Gilbert Murray M. Ma
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 23, 2012
Pages  458

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To read and re-read the scanty remains now left to us of theL iterature of Ancient Greece, is a pleasant and not a laborious task; noris that task greatly increased by the inclusion of theS cholia or ancient commentaries. But modern scholarship has been prolific in the making of books ;and as regards this department of my subject, I must frankly accept the verdict passed by aG erman critic upon a historian of vastly wider erudition than mine, and confess that I stand helpless before the mass of my material. To be more precise, I believe that in the domain of Epic, Lyric, and Tragic Poetry, I am fairly familiar with the researches of recent years; and I have endeavoured to read the more celebrated books on Prose and Comic Poetry. Periodical literature is notoriously hard to control; but 1hope that comparatively few articles of importance in the last twenty volumes of the Hermes, the Rheinisches Museum, the Philologus, and theE nglish Classical Journals, have escaped my consideration. More than this I have but rarely attempted.
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