A H Istory of Ancient Greek Literature


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Author  Harokd N. Fowler
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 18, 2012
Pages  518

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This book is intended primarily for use in secondary schools and colleges, but may perhaps be of some interest to the general reading public. I ts readers are therefore likely to be of various ages and to differ widely in their previous training. So far as the general reading public is concerned, since each person will use the book as he thinks best, no advice from me is required; but a few words concerning its use in schools ami colleges may not be out of place. The book contains little or nothing which should not he familiar to every educated man and woman. The college student should therefore be expected to use it all, though more time should of course be spent in the study of the chapters on the greatest writers than in learning about the authors of less importance. The pupil in the secondary school, however, may not always have the time to pay any attention to the less important Greek authors. It may therefore be in many instances desirable to stop the classroom use of the book at the end of the Attic period, adding only enough from the later parts to make the pupils acquainted with Theocritus, Callimaehus, Apollonius Rhodius (especially if the pupils have read or are to read Virgil), Polybius, Plutarch, and Lucian. In the case of immature pupils, it may be well to omit the chapter on the Homeric Question, and even the chapters on the early prose writers. Far the greater part of the book is taken up with the history of Greek literature before the Alexandrian
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