Along the Nile, With General Grant


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Author  Elbert Eli Farman
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 26, 2012
Pages  486

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The present work has been written primarily to preserve the memory of the pleasant days passed with General and Mrs. Grant on their historic voyage of theN ile. The object of the voyage was rest and pleasure, but General Grant became intensely interested in the country and its monuments. It has been the aim of the writer to describe in a familiar manner, not only what was then seen, but to add to those descriptions brief accounts of the later discoveries. The ancient monuments of Egypt that are usually visited by travelers are in theN ile valley, between Cairo and the First Cataract. This valley is the cradle of art. I ts monuments, great and small, are the richest legacies bequeathed by the remote past to succeeding generations. An account of the General svoyage of theN ile, and what he then saw, necessarily requires their brief description. To understand the motives that prompted their construction, and the continued labor of many centuries in making additions and restorations, it is only necessary to know their purpose.
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