Egypt of the Pharaohs and of the Kedive


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Author  Foster Barham Zincke
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 26, 2012
Pages  470

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Those particulars of the History of Egypt, and of its present condition, in which it differs from other countries, are factors of the idea this famous name stands for, which must be brought prominently into view in any honest and useful construction of the idea. Something of this kind, is what the author of the following work has been desirous of attempting, and so was unable, as he was also unwilling, to pass by any point or question which fell within the requirements of his design. His aim, throughout, has been to aid those who have not studied the subject much, or perhaps at all, in understanding what it is in the past, and in the present, that gives Egypt a claim on their attention. The pictures of things, and the thoughts about them, which he offers to his readers are the materials with which the idea of Egypt has been built up in his own mind :they will judge how far with or without reason.
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