The Religion of Ancient Egypt


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Author  W. M. Flinders Petrie
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 9, 2012
Pages  106

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Lakzone. Disiianario di MU ologia JS giziay 1881-86. 1312 pp., 408 pis. A bout 4second hand. (T he indispensable storehouse of facts and references.) Wiedemann. Bdigion of the A ndmt Egyptians 1897. 307 pp, 73 figs. 12s.6d. (T he best general view of the subject.) Wiedemann. Article in supplement to Hcbstings Dictionary of theB ible. (E xcellent outline.) Wiedemann. Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of I nvmortality, 1895. 71 pp., 21 figs., 2pis. 38. Masperc Datiw ofO ivU isation, see pp. 81-222, 1894. 26s. (A popular outline by a master.) Maspero. Etudes de Myihologie 1893, 895 pp. Maspero. Inscriptions des Pyramids deS aqqcura 1894. 456 pp., 9pi. Renouf. -B ooJ fe of theD ead, 1893-1902. 308 pp., 63 pL 2. (T he standard translation with the illustrations.) Budge. Gfo i of theE gyptians 1904. 908 pp., 131 figs., 98 pis. 3y 3s. (U seful repertory, but illustrations not exact.) Satoe. Religions of Ancient Egypt and Babylonia, 1902. 509 pp. 7s. 6d. (U seful for comparative view.) Petbie. Beligion and Conscience in Ancient Egypt, 1898. 176 pp. 2s. 6d. (A study of the nature of conscience, and the tribal aspect of religion.
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