The Common People of Ancient Rome, Studies... (Book published


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Author  Frank Frost Abbott
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 25, 2012
Pages  304

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This book, like the volume onS ociety and Politics in Ancient Rome, deals with the life of the common people, with their language and literature, their occupations and amusements, and with their social, political, and economic conditions. We are interested in the common people of Rome because bwmade the Roman Empire what it was. They carried the Roman standards to theE uphrates and the A tlantic; they lived abroad as traders, farmers, and soldiers to hold andR omanize the provinces, or they stayed at home, working as carpenters, masons, or bakers, to supply the daily needs of the capital. The other side of the subject which has engaged the attention of the author in studying these topics has been the many points of similarity which arise between ancient and modem conditions, and between the problems which the Roman faced and those which confront us.
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