Christian Greece and Living Greek


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Author  Achilles Rose
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   May 18, 2012
Pages  324

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Those who are now blaming defeated Greece for having gone to war against Turkey unprepared and without allies, with surprising blindness and thoughtlessness as the prime minister of one of the great powers put it, ought to take into consideration the peculiar and exceptional circumstances under which the present Greek kingdom has been laboring since its very creation in 1830. In the revolution of 1821, or rather the war of independence as the Greeks call it, not only Greece proper, but most of the islands of the geanS ea, Crete included, took up arms against Turkey. The revolution lasted nearly seven years, and ended with theB attle of Navarino in October, 1827, when thirty men-ofwar of England, France, andR ussia destroyed the Turkish andE gyptian fleets, composed of one hundred and twenty vessels, at that port.
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