The Quest for the Tomb of Alexander the Great...


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Author  Andrew Chugg
Publisher  AMC Publications
Publication Date   May 22, 2012
Pages  332


In 2004 the author’s first book “The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great” was published to the accompaniment of international media attention, since it reported the first credible suggestion as to the current whereabouts of the long-vanished corpse of the illustrious conqueror. In the intervening years, direct progress on testing of the candidate remains has been thwarted by the Church authorities, yet much new information has emerged, casting the enigma in an ever more probing light. In this extensively updated and extended account, the tortuous meanderings of the evidence have been tracked with scrupulous care, thus teasing apart the tangled threads of erstwhile hidden history. In these pages the author lays bare the forgotten secrets of one of the greatest mysteries bequeathed to us by the ancient world. His new perspective will surely fascinate any reader with a sense of curiosity about the past.
It remains significantly possible that the fate of Alexander’s tomb will turn out to be the greatest archaeological story of the 21st century, for nobody has yet been able to refute the author’s novel suggestion that the body stolen from Alexandria in AD828 and now in Venice may have acquired a false identity at the time that paganism was outlawed by the Emperor of Rome in the 4th century AD.
In addition the author’s published academic articles on the subject of Alexander’s mysterious death and elusive tomb are reproduced here as a collection in Appendices to the main narrative.
This Second Edition, published May 2012, incorporates 86 illustrations, including ancient artefacts and antique maps and engravings.

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