The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis


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Author  Bill Cooper
Publication Date   May 15, 2012
Pages  424


This entire book begins and ends with the oft-proven assumption that the Bible is all that it claims to be, the Word of God. It is a definition that embraces and supports the historical accuracy of the Bible in all its parts, prophetical, geographical, linguistic, and doctrinal. The Bible is, in short, inerrant in its original autographs. Part One deals with the antiquity of Genesis, showing how each of its component parts is considerably older than any of the sources proposed for it by the modernist school. Part Two deals with the pre-Christian Flood traditions that are found around the world, which together present a formidable body of evidence for the truth of Genesis when it speaks of the Flood of Noah. Finally, Part Three draws the reader’s attention to a certain clay tablet which makes a nonsense of the modernist claim that the Flood account found in Genesis was modelled on or derived from the Epic of Gilgamesh. We call it here the Genesis Flood Tablet.

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