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Author  Michael HONE
Publication Date   December 9, 2013
Pages  380


While Homer’s masterpiece is the story of the last year of the cataclysmic war, TROY is the authentic history of the fall of the great city, from the initial causes that led to the conflict to the returns--and the founding of Rome. It’s the historical truth concerning the war’s motivations, plots and counter plots, murders and assassinations, incest and rape, massacres and horrifying blood debts.
‘’And below, a golden missile left Heracles' avenging bow with a fearful twang. Paris stood hypnotized, until its iron spikes tore through his hand, shattering bones and splintering his bow into a thousand fragments. Paris hadn't the time to feel pain for Philoctetes had let go with another missile, this one aflame like the coalescing of a thousand stars. It must have been guided by Achilles, for it struck Paris in the heel, just as he was turning to run. Down came the Trojan prince upon the bloody clods that had once fed him wheat, but were now drinking their due. Paris raised his head, numb with confusion, and vaguely searched out Philoctetes from whom he would beg his life. But again he was too late. A third arrow crossed the sunlit heavens, and on its stout shaft Death hitched a ride. Paris had only the time to lean back for a last look at Helen on the ramparts, before the barbed head plunged into his eye socket and brain, bringing down Night and hideous Oblivion.’’

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