Death on a Wind


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Author  Charles R. King
Publication Date   May 5, 2012
Pages  38


Charles R. King utilizes his academic education in physics and classical history to apply an original quantitative and empirical face to the study of one of the most celebrated and feared elements in classical history, the Numidian Cavalry. Accessible to both the professional historian and the buff, this analysis enables the reader to approach the Numidians of the Second Punic War from a new and different outlook and even allows the reader to understand how they fought and why they were so effective and devastating to the Romans. The author utilizes primary sources and examination of the weapons and society of the Numidians to provide unique insights.

Charles R. King's specific area of interest has always been the Roman Republic period and the Punic Wars which have fascinated him since childhood. This work not only utilizes his education and academic background, but also takes advantage of his experience as a career military officer and of physical visits to many of the significant sites of the Punic Wars.

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