Taken By Pirates and Forced to Murder & Plunder-...


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Author  Richard Glasspoole
Publication Date   April 30, 2012
Pages  17


A true and rare account of the taking of an English vessel in 1819 and their 11 week ordeal at the hands of the most infamous pirates of the 1800s, the Ladrones of the South China Seas. At that time, the Ladrones were in a fierce battle with the Mandarins, and this account follows their abduction and trials, as they are forced up river and made to murder and plunder villages, suffer great tortures and even fight alongside their captors. The Ladrones were an immense force, spared nobody,tortured and murdered for sport, and demanded the most extravagant tributes- even the heads of Chinese had a price! They are all but unknown today, so I recommend reading this dairy account - it is a frightening and horrifying narrative to be sure!

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