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Author  Dr. Richard King M.D.
Publication Date   March 27, 2012
Pages  136


A Study of ancient African history reveals an early African definition of the human Melanin System as a whole body Black Melanin System that serves as the eye of the soul to produce inner vision, true spiritual consciousness, creative genius, beatific vision, to become Godlike, and to have conversation with the immortals (Ancestors). The purpose of ancient African education was to provide knowledge and development of the will of the student that allowed salvation (freedom) of the soul from the fetters (chains) of the physical body (George G. M. James, Stolen Legacy.
Please consider this study of Melanin to be but an introduction, one grain of sand on one beach of knowledge that is composed of many different sandy shorelines that all border on the same vast ocean of "Melanin Mediated Life". A future proper consideration of the subject of Melanin will address the major broad sub sections of the "Melanin Life Ocean" in the forms of (1) Cosmic Melanin (Melanin Complex Organic Molecules in Interstellar Gas Clouds in Galaxy Central Disc Regions), (2) Planetary Melanin, (3) Plant Kingdom Melanin (Chlorophyll Photo pigment Equivalents), and (4) Animal Kingdom Melanin. Accordingly. This overview is focused upon just one of these four major Melanin sub sections. Animal Kingdom Melanin, particularly within the Species Homo Sapien, adolescent neophyte Humanity. Special reference is given to the epigenetic evolutionary potential within Humanity, to become an adult, "Son of Light, Christ," "Melanin ascended Transformation," or "Homo Maximus" stage of Intelligent/Perfect/Unity with Light, Adult, Master Adult, Adept, Angelic Immortal Humanity.
The mindset of the student is critical to all work performed by him and her in their process of unfolding scientific observations. Every step of the scientific method is profoundly colored or better yet unconsciously projected onto the formulation of the initial question or hypothesis to he examined. Observation of various facets of the hypothesis, measurement of observed facets, analysis of facets of measurement derived data, and the formulation of a final hypothesis that attempts to explain patterns of measured relationships observed between various facets of a question under observation. It is a given that in the pursuit of each step of the scientific method the process of human concentration of attention is indeed an intense process that draws upon many levels of the human experience of consciousness. Sadly, the majority of the levels of consciousness so utilized are unconscious to some scientists and their public audience. The Study Of Melanin in the human form and throughout nature is a precious key that will unlock the chains of mental slavery that presently imprison the minds of African people throughout the world.

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