Garden of Eden Report


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Author  Halbert Katzen
Publisher  UBtheNEWS
Publication Date   January 19, 2008
Pages  21


The Urantia Book was published in 1955. UBtheNEWS documents how new discoveries and scientific advances increasingly support The Urantia Book's account of planetary history, it’s prophecies, and, to a limited extent, it’s statements about science. UBtheNEWS also provides introductory information about The Urantia Book.

Garden of Eden Report Summary:
A description of the location and physical characteristics of the Garden of Eden is provided in The Urantia Book. The location is said to have been on a long narrow peninsula that extended off the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. According to The Urantia Book, Adam and Eve first lived at this location almost 38,000 years ago, and it further states that this peninsula sank into the Mediterranean Sea approximately 34,000 years ago. The topography of the seafloor in an area between Cyprus and the Syrian coast fits the description and looks to be the only area that could. Today, this area off the eastern coast of Mediterranean Sea drops down sharply, quickly reaching a depth of nearly one mile.

When The Urantia Book was published in 1955, sonar readings needed to create a detailed map of the eastern Mediterranean basin did not exist. Such maps were not created until decades after The Urantia Book's publication. (Research from the last several years, tracing a specific upgrade in the genetic history of human beings, also lends powerful support to The Urantia Book's recounting of the story of Adam and Eve. See the Adam and Eve Report.)

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