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Author  Theodore Ayrault Dodge
Publisher  Tales End Press
Publication Date   August 4, 2012
Pages  724


A classic history of one of the world's greatest military commanders. At the age of 20, Alexander the Great inherited the near-bankrupt kingdom of Macedonia and its small but revolutionary army, built around an unbreakable infantry phalanx and a shock cavalry force. In just ten years, he led this army on a march of conquest across most of the known world: Greece, Asia Minor, the Near East, Egypt, the lands of the Fertile Crescent, and on into what we now know as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Undefeated in battle, in his short life he immeasurably changed the course of history.

Theodore Ayrault Dodge's account of the campaigns was first published in 1890, as part of his “Great Captains” series. The author, an experienced military officer and historian, follows the entire career of Alexander the Great, reconstructs his army, his strategy, and all of his battles, and explains his lasting impact on the art of war. The result is a classic military history and biography. This ebook edition includes an active table of contents, reflowable text, and over 200 campaign maps, battle diagrams, and illustrations.

Table of Contents:
 • I. In General.
 • II. Early History of War.
 • III. Early Oriental Armies.
 • IV. Early Greek Armies and Wars.
 • V. Cyrus and Darius. B.C. 558–485.
 • VI. Armies in the Fifth Century B.C.
 • VII. Miltiades – Marathon. B.C. 490.
 • VIII. Brasidas. B.C. 424–422.
 • IX. Xenophon – Agesilaus. B.C. 401–394
 • X. Epaminondas. B.C. 371–362.
 • XI. Philip and Macedon. B.C. 359–336.
 • XII. Philip and His Army. B.C. 359–336.
 • XIII. The Art of Fortification and Sieges.
 • XIV. Alexander and Greece. B.C. 336.
 • XV. The Danube. B.C. 335.
 • XVI. Pelium. B.C. 335.
 • XVII. Thebes. B.C. 335.
 • XVIII. Off For Asia. B.C. 334.
 • XIX. Battle of the Granicus. May, B.C. 334.
 • XX. Sardis, Miletus, Halicarnassus. Fall, B.C. 334.
 • XXI. To the Taurus. Winter, B.C. 331–333.
 • XXII. Cilicia. Summer and fall, B.C. 333.
 • XXIII. Issus. November, B.C. 333.
 • XXIV. Tyre. November, B.C. 333, to August, B.C. 332.
 • XXV. Gaza and Egypt. September, B.C. 332, to Spring, B.C. 331.
 • XXVI. On to Babylon. Spring to September, B.C. 331.
 • XXVII. Arbela, October 1, B.C. 331.
 • XXVIII. Babylon, Susa. The Uxians. October to December, B.C. 331.
 • XXIX. The Persian Gates. December, B.C. 331, to March, B.C. 330.
 • XXX. Darius. March to July, B.C. 330.
 • XXXI. Bessus. July to Fall, B.C. 330.
 • XXXII. Philotas. Fall, B.C. 330.
 • XXXIII. The Caucasus. Fall, B.C. 330, to May, B.C. 329.
 • XXXIV. The Jaxartes. Summer, B.C. 329.
 • XXXV. Spitamenes. Summer, B.C. 329, to Fall, B.C. 328.
 • XXXVI. Clitus. Winter, B.C. 329–328.
 • XXXVII. Roxana. Winter, B.C. 328–327.
 • XXXVIII. The Cophen Country. May, B.C. 327, to Winter.
 • XXXIX. Aornus. Late Winter, B.C. 326.
 • XL. Porus. March to May, B.C. 326.
 • XLI. Battle of the Hydaspes. May, B.C. 326.
 • XLII. The Five Rivers. May to July, B.C. 326.
 • XLIII. Turning Back. July to October, B.C. 386.
 • XLIV. The Mallians. November, B.C. 326, to February, B.C. 326.
 • XLV. Gedrosia. February, B.C. 326, to February, B.C. 324.
 • XLVI. Mutiny. July, B.C. 324.
 • XLVII. Babylon. August, B.C. 324, to June, B.C. 323.
 • XLVIII. The Man and Soldier.
 • XLIX. The Successors of Alexander. Eumenes and Antiognus. Philopœmen.
 • Appendix A. Some Ancient Marches.
 • Appendix B. Losses in Some Ancient Battles.
 • Appendix C. Marches of Alexander.
 • Appendix D. Genealogy of Alexander.
 • Appendix E. List of Dates.

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