Buried Lives, Buried Loves - A Story from Pompeii...


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Author  Mary M. Culver
Publication Date   February 29, 2012
Pages  183


This story begins in the spring of 79 A.D. as the people of Roman Pompeii go about their normal daily lives. The focus is on the family of the wealthy official Lucius Claudius Pimus, and their slaves.

In August the peaceful green-shouldered mountain, Vesuivius, explodes, raining ash, rocks and fire on Pompeii.

The day before the volcanic explosion, Gaius, the adopted son of Lucius, marries. He and his bride awake to the disaster. Two slaves of the family have fallen in love. Only a decade after Nero's persecutions, they are secretly Christians.

Which characters survive the disaster, and which do not?

And when Pompeii is excavated more than a thousand years later what has been learned about the doomed city and its people?

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