Ancient Rome, Greece & Egypt

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Author  Lucia Gahlin
Publisher  Lorenz Books
Publication Date   September 30, 2011
ISBN  0754823660
Pages  1056

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This incredible book set brings together three authoritative volumes on Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Art, architecture and culture in Ancient Rome shaped the world we live in today and through the abundance of buildings, mosaics, sculpture and literature that still survives today you can see how real people lived, worshiped and interacted during one of the greatest periods of world history. The encyclopedia of the Greek World traces the magnificent artistic achievements of Greek society and its religion and mythology, the theatre, literature, philosophy, science, technology, athletics and sport. Explore Ancient Egypt's awe-inspiring temples, pyramids and tombs and discover how archaeological sites and hieroglyphics cast light on the sacred rites and rituals of a unique and sophisticated society.

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