From Roman Empire to Holy Roman Empire


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Author  Malcolm Cohen
Publisher  Malcolm Cohen
Publication Date   February 18, 2012
Pages  1865


A narrative, chronological summary of the political and military events and forces which shaped the history and development of the Western World (Europe, the Middle East and North Africa) from the foundation of Rome until the First Crusade (800 BC to 1100 AD).
The work takes the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire and its later re-incarnation as the Byzantine Empire as its core. It then tracks in near-contemporaneous time-blocks their relationship with the other polities which developed (particularly from the 4th century onwards) and how some of these polities developed to become the progenitors of the important nation states of our time while others waned into oblivion.
The events which shaped the development of every one of these polities from Scandinavia in the north to the Maghreb in the south, and from Kievan Rus and the various successive Persian Empires in the east to Spain in the west, are dealt with.
The work is extensively hyperlinked throughout making navigation through the nineteen hundred years covered both easy and rapid.

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