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Author  Christopher Webster
Publisher  East Keswick Press
Publication Date   February 4, 2012
Pages  123


This book is a verse reconstruction of the lost Anglo-Saxon Saga of Waldere accompanied by scholarly articles, analysis and notes.

In 1860 Professor Werlauff of the Royal Library, Copenhagen, came across two leaves of Anglo-Saxon poetry which had been used in the binding of a book. Upon examination they turned out to be two fragments of a lost epic poem about a Germanic hero known in Anglo-Saxon as Waldere. Luckily, another version of the story is preserved in Waltharius, a Latin text written in the 10th century in Germany. The aim of this book is to reconstruct the epic of Waldere by merging the two principle sources and re-writing them in the style of a modern translation of an Anglo-Saxon original, such as Seamus Heaney did with Beowulf.

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