Morning bell and evening drum


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Author  Zhang Kequn
Publisher  Beijing Huazhang Graphics&Information.Co.,Ltd
Publication Date   December 31, 2011
Pages  121


Beijing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, has a rich and unique culture with a long and glorious history. Roam in the streets, the buildings are everywhere, these buildings are behind what story?
Since ancient times, Beijing is an inclusive city, all rivers run into sea. Many domestic and foreign merchants be always on the move in this piece of land on the left his footprints, every kind of religion is one of them. This book is about the religious architecture in Beijing, the temple stand outside, the baroque style church, and mosque echoed with the pious chanting sound ... ... The different cultural is blooming here. as the years went by, the building has been completely integrated into the old Beijing, exudes a strong Beijing-style, became a beautiful landscape capital of Beijing.


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