The Mountain Mother Cipher


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Author  N. S. Wikarski
Publication Date   November 30, 2013
Pages  223


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Archaeology Adventures That Defy History

How does a lost civilization keep its most precious and dangerous artifact from falling into the wrong hands? The relic's guardians scatter clues to its hiding place across the entire planet. Three thousand years later, a secret society and a fanatical religious cult vie against one another in a global treasure hunt to claim the prize. The Arkana wants to preserve it for posterity. The Blessed Nephilim wants to exploit it to create a terrifying new world order. Only one faction can win. More importantly, only one can survive.

In THE MOUNTAIN MOTHER CIPHER, the race is on between Arkana agents and Nephilim operatives as they rush off to Turkey in search of clues leading to a legendary artifact. Among ancient megaliths on the top of Mount Ida, the foes square off in a literal cliffhanger of a confrontation.

At the worst possible moment, the Arkana crew discovers that the Nephilim aren't their only competitors for lost treasure. Unforeseen obstacles and unknown enemies thwart their efforts to complete their mission and escape unharmed. This crisis teaches the newest member of the Arkana team where her real loyalties lie. Will all of them make it home alive? That's only one of the many secrets the Mountain Mother reveals.

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