A Chinese History Reader


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Author  Xiaoyu Sun
Publisher  Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
Publication Date   December 4, 2011
Pages  516


This book provides a concise introduction to the Chinese history, covering a long time span extending from antiquity through the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty. Historical periods elaborated include the pre-Qin period; the Qin and Han Dynasties; the Wei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties; the Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasties; and the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Written by a group of historians from the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the book has incorporated some of the latest research findings in the field of Chinese historical studies.

- All major Chinese dynasties are covered in a concise manner. Encounters with the Modern Era are also explored, besides starting with the Ancient Age in China.
- The authors provide latest research findings, giving insight to the exciting Chinese history.
- This book also features many relevant photos and illustrations to help readers understand the topics better.

1. The Ancient Age.
2. Eastern Zhou Dynasty.
3. The Qin and Han Dynasties.
4. The Wei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties.
5. The Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasties.
6. The Ming and Qing Dynasties.
7. The Late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China.

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