Applying the Bible


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Author  Jack Kuhatschek
Publisher  Zondervan
Publication Date   December 12, 1995
Pages  176

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Many Christians open the Bible eagerly but close it discouraged and frustrated. After all, is there really value in the 'pots and pans' sections of Leviticus? Why does the New Testament include an entire book on the dangers of circumcision? Which commands should we obey today and which are no longer binding? While dozens of books tell us how to study the Bible, they give little help with the most important part of Bible study--application. Jack Kuhatschek provides a clear and reliable method for applying the Bible. Using numerous illustrations and examples, he explains how to uncover the timeless principles of Scripture--even in those passages that seem meaningless today. He also shows how to relate those principles to the timely needs we face each day.

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