The Story of Tutankhamun


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Author  B. Scott Christmas
Publication Date   November 28, 2011
Pages  41


In this brief but engaging volume, author and historian B. Scott Christmas provides a captivating introduction to Ancient Egypt's most famous king.

Beginning with Tutankhamun's predecessor, the infamous heretic king Akhenaten, Christmas takes his readers on a captivating trip through the turbulent life and times of Egypt's boy king and the unusual circumstances surrounding and following his death. Christmas then fast-forwards to the 20th century and finishes with an intimate look at the celebrated discovery of the pharaoh's tomb in the 1920's, and the most recent scientific conclusions about his parentage and genealogy.

Meticulously researched and skillfully written, this book promises to be a valuable resource for students and teachers alike, while satisfying the curiosity of history buffs and all lovers of Ancient Egypt.

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