The Spiritual Root of Slavery


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Author  Marcella Denise Spencer
Publisher  Hamitic Press
Publication Date   November 17, 2011
Pages  96


Think about the word "slave" for a moment. What comes to mind? An African woman in rural Mississippi balancing a basket of freshly picked cotton on her head, or a child struggling to carry tobacco leaf bushels in Virginia? These are images from the African slave trade from 1440-1870 AD.

The Bible is our main source for information regarding the Hebrew bondage in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians forced the Hebrews to serve them from 1870-1440 BC.

Other than the similiar time periods, is there a link between the Hebrew and African enslavements? Perhaps a connection in the identities of the captors and captives in ancient times, as well as who they are today.

What if the European slave traders descended from the early Hebrew tribes? Does that mean that the African slave trade was a case of sowing and reaping? Can seeds sown in antiquity harvest in the modern era?

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