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Author  Epictetus
Publisher  Seedbox Press, LLC
Publication Date   November 12, 2011
Pages  239


*This Seedbox Classics edition includes The Enchiridion, Selected Discourses, Golden Sayings of Epictetus, and Fragments Attributed to Epictetus.

While little is known about the life of Epictetus and his exact date of birth (believed to be around 55 AD) is unidentified, it is acknowledged that he was born in Hierapolis, Phrygia. It is also known that he was a slave in Rome.

While Epictetus wrote nothing, others wrote his teachings and they are today recognized as part of the foundation of Stoic thought. Epictetus primarily taught about the philosophy of happiness and virtue. To Epictetus, external happenings were determined by fate, and were therefore beyond human control. He believed that people could accept whatever happened to them in a calm and unemotional manner if they recognized that certain things were not under their control. Even though fate played a role in events, Epictetus still believed that individuals were responsible for their own actions.

The Enchiridion, Discourses, and Golden Sayings in this collection of writings provide for a full gamut of Epictetus’ wisdom along with an indispensable component to Stoic philosophy.

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