Banpo Neolithic Village (Book published October 11, 2011)


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Author  Haijun Zhang
Publisher  China Travel & Tourism Press
Publication Date   October 11, 2011
Pages  113



Banpo Neolithic Village 4
Yangshao Culture 7
Yangshao Culture 8
Banpo Museum 12
Introduction of Banpo NeolithicVillage 15
The Surroundings of the Banpo People 16
Figures and Facial Features of the Banpo People 17
Agricultural Production and the Raising of Domestic Animals 17
Hunting, Fishing, and Collection 20
Eating Together 21
Clothing Style of the Banpo Inhabitants 22
Daily Utensils 23
Painted Pottery and Painted Signs 26
Simple but Charming Ancient Pottery Figures 31
Banpo Village Layout and its House 32
Burial Custom and Belief, Marriage Feature, and Ideology 34
Chronology of Chinese History 40
Common Chinese Phrases 43
Index 57