Scipio's Shadow


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Author  John Jarvis
Publisher  John Jarvis
Publication Date   September 27, 2011
Pages  204


Marius had it all. A wealthy family of high status, a well built body, good looks and striking red hair. He did not have any ambition and lived a life of indulgence, sex and undiluted wine on his father’s estates. All that changed overnight when his father was forced into political suicide and his property confiscated. Forced into the legions with nothing but a friend and a hereditary sword Marius had to relearn life the hard way.
Under the patronage of Scipio Africanus, Marius at first hitches a ride on the rising star then forges his own way in life leaving an engineering legacy that survives today.
Scipio’s Shadow is a fascinating story told with panache by someone who was nearly there.

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