Maya World Travel Atlas


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Author  ITMB Canada
Publisher  ITMB Publishing Ltd.
Publication Date   November 21, 2017
Pages  150


Maya World (Mundo Maya) Travel Atlas with city plans (scale varies) ITMB, 2013 edition

The Maya people occupy southeast Mexico, the Yucatán Peninsula and spread inland through modern-day Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras all the way to El Salvador. This atlas covers all these areas: Mexico from Tabasco and Chiapas, through the Yucatec states of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán (1:500,000), all of Belize at 1:250,000, all of Guatemala at 1:470,000, all of Honduras at 1:750,000, and all of El Salvador at 1:250,000.

Each known Mayan site is prominently marked and named (there are more than 400). City maps of Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Tegucigalpa, and Belize City are included in this comprehensive atlas.

Legend Includes: International Airports Roads by classification,Time Zone Border,Points of interest Historic site, Hotels, Museums,Golf course,Restaurants,Caves/Grotto,Lighthouses, Gas Stations, Waterfalls, Hotsprings,Hospitals, Historical Sites, Tourist information, Mountain Peaks, Churches,Schools, Embassies,Shipping Centers, Banks,Railway Stations, Bus Terminals, Police Station,Universities, Post Offices,Ferries, Parkings, Stadium and much more...

The advantage of this travel atlas is that all of these countries are available in one convenient-to-carry book. Dollar-wise, this atlas is a tremendous bargain; one would have to pay $50.00+ to obtain all of these maps as single titles at the same scale and level of detail. Format half letter (21.5 x 14 cm / 8.5 × 5.5 in), paperback, 150 pages.

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