The Roman Invasion of Scotland


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Author  Ian Hall
Publisher  Hallanish Publishing.
Publication Date   August 19, 2011
Pages  40


In 80AD, Rome invaded Scotland for the first time. Julius Agricola made quick advances, fighting, bribing and pacifying each local tribe.
When he entered the higher ground, however, he found himself faced with a coalition, a union of the tribes. For three years the two armies campaigned against each other, culminating with the Battle of Mons Graupius.

In this book, the author postulates that, since no battlefield has been found, perhaps the details regarding it (Written by Tacitus, Agricola's son-in-law, many years later) Agricola was just giving the Emperor back home the news he needed to hear.

The book is drawn from the authors prize-winning website, and has been researched extensively.
With many photographs, the book brings the reader back in time, to 'see' the data for himself.
A great read for student, historian, or anyone interested in the truth.

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