Scourge of Amun


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Author  Ken Smith
Publisher  Ken Smith
Publication Date   August 1, 2011
Pages  401


Amenhotep IV, namesake and middle son of Egypt’s beloved pharaoh, is tormented by puzzling visions that come to him in the form of dreams each night and foretell of a future that he can’t quite comprehend. It is a future that hints at greatness when the pantheon of Egyptian gods will bow down in reverence to this awkward, self-conscious young man. Reaching out to the priests of Amun, the wealthy and powerful priesthood that has grown fat at the right hand of more than one pharaoh, Amenhotep seeks interpretation for these visions. He is told that he must cease having the dreams or risk his soul being devoured and entrance into the afterlife denied. Cease dreaming? Easier said than done. Thus begins the tale of the man who would come to be known as Akhenaten, husband to Nefertiti, father to Tutankhamun, and perhaps the most controversial figure in the long history of Egypt. It is a story of loyalty and deceit. A story of battles won and battles lost. A story of love misplaced…and death found.

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