Women & Men Who Knew the Mortal Messiah


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Author  Heather Horrocks
Publisher  Word Garden Press
Publication Date   December 18, 2013
Pages  221


A boxed set of two popular books (Women Who Knew the Mortal Messiah and Men Who Knew the Mortal Messiah) combined into one volume for the first time. Twenty-five stories, presented in chronological order, show Christ’s life and earthly ministry as seen through their eyes.

Would a glimpse into Christ's eyes change your life forever?

Women & Men Who Knew the Mortal Messiah shares stories of twenty-four New Testament women and men who did look into Christ's eyes--and their lives were forever changed. Their stories are presented in chronological order, so the entire book, is a picture of Christ's life and earthly ministry, from beginning to end, as seen through the eyes of these women and men.

USA Today bestselling author Heather Horrocks brings these New Testament men and women to life, as they walk beside Jesus, listen to His words, leave their nets to become fishers of men, drop their burdens of sin and sickness at His feet. .

Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.
Christ's Mother, Mary.
Anna, prophetess at the temple.
A wise man.
Joseph, the husband of Mary.
A seller of doves in the temple.
The Samaritan woman at Jacob's Well.
A man sick with the palsy.
The widow whose only son is raised from the dead.
The woman who washes Christ's feet with her tears.
The man possessed by Legion.
The woman who touches Christ's hem and is healed.
Peter walks upon the water.
The Gentile woman with great faith.
A father whose faith falters.
The adulteress caught in the very act.
A blind man is healed on the Sabbath.
A leper is made whole.
Judas Iscariot betrays the Savior with a kiss.
Pilate's wife.
The thief on the cross believes.
Mary Magdalene at the tomb.
The risen Christ speaks with Simon Peter.
John watches Christ’s Ascension into heaven.

Imagine the love they must have seen. When the Messiah laid His hands upon their heads and blessed them, what great power and love did they feel emanating from Him? When the Savior forgave them of their sins and healed them, body and soul, imagine the power that must have surged through them. Is is hard to imagine what they must have felt just standing in His presence, one of the crowd.

We may know others by their fruits. Christ’s ministry and Atonement has brought about the greatest and sweetest harvest ever. His followers and apostles also bore fruit of sweetness and light.

These women and men did not have to imagine. They knew. As long as there is a Savior, there is hope.


"I loved it. One of the most tender and uplifting books I've ever read! I highly recommend this book for every Christian woman." Anita Stansfield, bestselling author

"These stories took me on a sacred journey." September Hullinger

"I absolutely loved this book. Reading it took me back to the Holy Land of long ago. A great read." Valerie Steimle, author

"I had a hard time putting this book down! A word of warning--keep the Kleenex tissues close by!" Diane Darcy, author

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