The Chronological Truth Bible


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Author  Truth House Publishing
Publisher  Truth House Publishing
Publication Date   January 12, 2014
Pages  2170


Includes commentaries on historical context, archaeological findings, and biblical time frames, that demonstrate the indelible fingerprints of God over all history.

For instance:
Read how the scientific dating of the earth is easily reconciled with the Genesis account of creation.
How did Alexander the Great’s empire contribute to Bible distribution?
How did the Roman Empire lay a foundation for the coming of the Messiah and pave the way for the spread of the gospel?
How do you reconcile the four gospel accounts of the resurrection? Was there one woman at the tomb or two or many? Who was at the tomb first?
Read how apparent contradictions in the Bible are easily resolved when it is read chronologically.
Follow the actual events of the Bible in their chronological sequence. Read events as they happened in the context of the prophecies about those events. Read in sequence the words of the prophets and their fulfillment.
Did you know that chronologically, the books of Ezra and Nehemiah belong at the end of the Old Testament? See how the influence of Zechariah and Haggai contributed to the rebuilding of the temple in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.
Read some research into the background to the Bible: for instance how did Cyrus take Babylon, and why did he allow the Jews to return to Israel?
How did the New Testament gain such wide distribution so quickly? 'Romex Courier Services' in 30 CE?
Did you know that Jesus was not crucified on a Friday?
Read about the archaeological and historical evidence for some of the more extraordinary biblical events.
Read how astronomical data helped identify the date of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.
Read how recent archaeological discoveries have confirmed the Biblical record.

Reading the Bible in its traditional format is like examining a jigsaw puzzle before it is assembled. You get to see all the pieces and even enjoy them and benefit from them, but you don’t see the whole picture. Read the entire Bible dated like a diary and get the complete and clear picture of God’s story.

This chronological version of the Bible is complete with time charts, dates in the text, 15 beautiful maps and bible-supporting scientific, archaeological, astronomical, legal, and historical commentary. The text used is the King James version with the language updated to 21st century English usage. It includes the entire Bible without any omissions or changes. The Apocrypha is not included.

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