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Author  John Wilson
Publisher  John Wilson
Publication Date   July 19, 2011
Pages  292


The Caught in Conflict Collection is an imprint of fast-paced, historically accurate, morally-complex quick reads for Adults and Teens. They can be read in any order.

It's A.D. 79 on the slopes of Vesuvius. With no warning the mountain has erupted into violent, terrifying life. Those who can, flee, but one old man, Lucius Quintus Claudianus, sits in an abandoned villa in Herculaneum, struggling to finish a story only he can tell. Seventy years before, Lucius was the sole survivor of three Roman legions, ambushed and slaughtered in the wilds of Germania.

Lucius's tale is of dark forests, evil swamps and horrific pagan sacrifices, but it is also the story of his friendship with Freya, a Cherusci warrior. As soldiers caught up in treachery and war, they must choose between their culture and their friendship. And it's a choice they have to get right because the consequences of being wrong could mean death.

"This riveting, haunting tale will leave readers clamoring for more." Best Books

"…a complicated storyline which contains rich historical detail reminiscent of the Great Rosemary Sutcliffe, as well as universals about war and cultural identity." The Star Phoenix

"…this richly detailed and well-narrated Roman-era historical novel…is a hugely rewarding novel that has much more than its exciting and bloody battle scenes to appeal to…readers. Highly Recommended." Canadian Materials.

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