The Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus [Annotated...


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Author  Flavius Josephus
Publisher  Halcyon Press Ltd.
Publication Date   July 6, 2011
Pages  899


THE ANTIQUITIES OF THE JEWS is a comprehensive 20-volume history of the Jewish people, written by Romano-Jewish scholar Josephus around 94 A.D. In the first ten volumes, Josephus follows the events of the historical books of the Hebrew Bible (also known as the Old Testament) beginning with the story of Genesis. Volumes 11-20 continue the history beyond the biblical text through the age of Alexander and up to the Jewish War of 70 A.D., of which Josephus was an eyewitness. Contains an active table of contents and extensive footnoting.

Titus Flavius Josephus (born Joseph ben Mattathias) (37-c.100 A.D.) was a law-observant Jew born and raised in Jerusalem. Through his mother, he descended from the former Hasmonean rulers of Judea. Josephus fought against the Romans in the First Jewish-Roman War. After being captured by the Romans, Josephus was pardoned and became a Roman citizen. He wrote all of his works in Rome under Roman patronage.

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