In The Theater of the World


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Author  C Benjamin Tracy
Publication Date   November 17, 2004
Pages  320


Ancient autobiographical novel of Alexander the Great, age 13 to 20 years old. He introduces himself in his prologue at age 32, narrates his life from age 13 through to age 20 at his father's assassination, and concludes with an epilogue, returning the reader to Alexander age 32. In his prologue Alexander offers to the reader a question to ponder while reading about him, and later he answers it in his epilogue. He commands the reader to “Take from my reminiscence what you wish for I have withheld nothing, revealing all of my phases, light and dark..." Alexander views his world through the lens of theater, the theme of the novel.

The reader will explore the early evolution of the historical warrior-king, what causes and conditions made him to be known as Alexander the Great. What was he like as a teenager, and was he very different from a teen today? Both young adult and adult reader will find themselves captivated by Alexander's youth, from taming a horse to making friends and coping with parental strife to victory in his first battle at age 16. A reader with prior knowledge of Alexander the Great will get to know him and the historical characters in his life intimately, and the reader knowing little or nothing of Alexander will be inspired to learn more about him.

Cover design by Federica Costantini. Paperback edition's map designed by Blair Parkinson, and interior art work by Rowan Lewgalon and the author.

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