Phoenicia, Ugarit, and Carthage


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Author  Maximillien de Lafayette
Publisher  Times Square Press. New York. Berlin
Publication Date   June 16, 2011
Pages  132


Phoenicia, Ugarit, and Carthage: Artifacts, Inscriptions, Slabs, Sites. Volume 1
Series: Illustrated History of the Ancient World and Sacred Places
A set of 2 Volumes in Kindle Edition.
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Volume One: A beautiful book, well conceived and lavishly printed, reflecting the beauty and importance of the art of Phoenicia, Ugarit and Carthage throughout the centuries from day one till the end of the civilization of theses great countries/cities. It is abundant with historical stories, mythological tales, explanation of the most important aspects and facets of their culture, social systems, religion, creativity and breathtaking monuments. The book includes endless illustrations and photos of the whole cultural, social, historical, religious and artistic spectrum of these great civilizations, such as to name a few:
Jewelry, rings, bracelets, and ornaments
Royal tombs and sarcophaguses
Ugaritic furniture
Tablets and translation of inscriptions
Steles and monuments of gods and goddesses
Byblos script, and Ugaritic cuneiform inscriptions
The Phoenician alphabet
Harbors and ships
Statues and figurines
Castles and fortresses
Ancient cities and their ruins
Early Crusaders’ churches, castles and forts in Phoenicia
Phoenicia and Phoenicians as mentioned in the Bible
Phoenicia at the time of the Greek, Roman, Crusaders, Arabs and Ottoman occupations
Phoenician Gods and goddesses, and how their pantheon shaped the origin, aspect and creation of Judaism and other religions
Baalbeck: The Anunnaki’s mega city on Earth
Baalbeck; the city of gods, Biblical figures, and the Djinns (Jinn)
Swastika sign and mystical inscriptions on one of the Jupiter Temple’s column in Baalbeck, linking the builders of the temple/early inhabitants of Baalbeck to the esoteric masters of Tibet, and the extraterrestrial gods of India (Hindu and Buddhism)
Gilgamesh, Al Arz, Baalbeck and immortality
The holy site of the early Anunnaki where Gilgamesh sought immortality
The Cedar Forest, where Gilgamesh spent a few days imploring the Anunnaki gods, to grant him immortality
The mystery of Hajarat Al Houblah in Baalbeck

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