Christianity and the Roman Games


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Author  Richard F. DeVoe PhD
Publisher  Xlibris
Publication Date   March 14, 2003
Pages  172


"Christians to the lions!" The image of early Christian victims of pagan blood - lust in the Roman arenas are as familiar as a catechism to Christians of all ages. Dr. Richard DeVoe parallels the development of these two great social forces of the Roman Empire: Christianity; the Roman games which included not only the arena, but also the circus and the theatre. He questions why Christianity did not have more effect on the Roman games, as both institutions grew apace for four centuries. He concludes, contrary to traditional church history, that Christianity did not limit, but, in fact absorbed and perpetuated the games. Why? With regard not only to the games, but also education, the military and the imperial cult, Rome was not Christianized: Christianity was paganized! Christianity and the Roman Games traces this process of paganization from the first through the fifth centuries, discovering surprising consequences both for Christianity and subsequent history.

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