The Sword of Carthage


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Author  Vaughn Heppner
Publication Date   May 13, 2011
Pages  372


For centuries, Carthage has ruled a sprawling maritime empire. Now, a Roman armada sails from Sicily, landing four legions onto Africa. The legionaries are hard-bitten veterans, men of middle height, with powerful chests and shoulders and bronzed faces. They carry javelins, short keen swords and heavy shields. Consul Regulus leads them. His goal is more than victory, but the end of an ancient empireā€¦

In 256 B.C., the Carthaginian Empire is a seething, buckling realm of barbaric warriors, unstable generals and baffled seamen. At this pivotal moment, a young Hamilcar Barca thrusts himself forward. He befriends a canny Spartan mercenary and learns the intricacies of elephant warfare. Now, in a last, desperate battle, he faces the man who slew his brother, the conquering Roman who fights like a raving wolf.

THE SWORD OF CARTHAGE is the recreation of a historical campaign of bitter savagery, filled with the dust, sweat and roar of battle. It is 123,000 words in length by Vaughn Heppner.

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