Stonehenge Bluestone


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Author  Neil A Clark
Publication Date   May 2, 2011
Pages  37


This book tells the history of Stonehenge and the fascinating story of the Stonehenge Bluestones.

The book is also full of information about Preseli Bluestone, used to build the first Stonehenge, and its uses. These include: jewellery and lapidary, geology and archaeology, healing, dowsing and Pagan ceremonies.

This first Kindle - Mobipocket version of Stonehenge has been greatly revised and extended to include information pertaining to the latest archaeological discoveries regarding Stonehenge, and the BBC Timeteam sponsored digs at the Stonehenge Wiltshire Downs site.

Now that so many of the newest ideas about Stonehenge have been gathered in this single and concise title, and placed alongside some of the most enduring of concepts, everyone has the opportunity to consider solutions to mysteries of Stonehenge for themselves.

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