The Road from Orion


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Author  Judy Kay King
Publisher  Envision Editions, Ltd.
Publication Date   April 25, 2011
Pages  178


The Road from Orion (Volume 2) is a story of magical realism, fictional characters and historical facts based on an authentic study (Volume 1) of the ancient Egyptian afterlife, showing that their deities represent virus and bacteria. With the results of the Human Genome Project, the Human Microbiome Project, and other international studies, humans are beginning to understand that virus and bacteria are our ancestors. This study called The Isis Thesis (2004), showing that our idea of God mirrors the activities of a very helpful virus in our bodies and ecosystem, was presented by the author at the Third International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities at the University of Cambridge, UK (2005) and at the Second International Congress for Young Egyptologists in Lisbon, Portugal (2006).
The study is unique because it disputes the general consensus of modern Egyptologists and scholars who believe the Egyptian texts are unintelligible and primitive. Yet, in light of Egyptian architectural feats, the temples of Philae, Abu Simbel, Dendera, Edfu, and Karnack, including the timeless grandeur of lofty pyramids, how could any scholar doubt that the Egyptian texts are full of valuable knowledge?

Perhaps historians prefer to keep the Pharaohs’ evolutionary knowledge silent and buried within their tombs. Or worse, perhaps we have overlooked their knowledge because of our proud emphasis on modern technological accomplishments. The research in the Isis Thesis explains the hidden viral evolutionary code buried in the Egyptian pyramids and tombs, showing that the hieroglyphs contain undeniable proof of their understanding of microbiology, space physics and much more. This knowledge was necessary for the evolution of Mind in the cosmos, and they mapped a specific pathway, which The Road from Orion reveals.

The story and the thesis center on the Egyptian assumption that an aliveness or type of consciousness exists in both the organic and the inorganic; that is, every entity on our planet and in our cosmos, including a bacterium, a virus, a rock, or a star, is alive. Their process involves Time Reverse back to the beginning of our cosmos, which may be possible at a human Death transition because the laws of Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, and Schrodinger allow Time Reverse. The Pharaohs’ Science of Death made humans into starry gods or what we might call ‘crystallized mind’ through their secreted knowledge.

To convey this scientific knowledge to readers who are not scientists or Egyptology scholars, The Road from Orion is a story explaining the study through the adventures of John Friedman, an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, who is interested in the mystery of Death. Impulsive by nature, John signs up for a cloning experiment conducted by Dr. Lucia Farrell, the only granddaughter of Sir William Flinders Petrie, who excavated the Great Pyramid. John then discovers that Dr. Lucia has an impressive quantity of ‘gold’, a white powder with mind-expanding properties that her grandfather found on the floor of the Great Pyramid. Lucia believes that the Pharaohs used this powder to grasp total cosmic knowledge, so she plans to experiment with the powder on John, hoping to prove her Isis Thesis through biotechnology.
Travel with our heroes as they gaze deep into the creative minds of the omniscient Pharaohs, as well as the famous and infamous musicians, artists, writers, philosophers, and madmen who are also caught up in a surreal web of biotechnology, magical realism, dream, madness, knowledge and creativity. Today the key to understanding the Pharaohs’ silent legacy and the lost meaning of ancient and valuable historical texts can be decoded by following The Road from Orion to unlock the secrets in the Isis Thesis.

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