Secrets of the Sphinx / Mysteries of the Ages...


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Author  Andrew Raymond
Publisher  UNI Productions
Publication Date   April 13, 2011
Pages  160


"Secrets of the Sphinx" by Andrew Raymond is a magical book
that is subtitled "The Mysteries of the Ages Revealed." It points out that it
is not the end of the world, but a time of Revelation. Even the word apocalypse
means to uncover, disclose or reveal. Once you read this ground-breaking
publication, you will understand, from a scientific and spiritual perspective,
that Ages are the twelve segments of our Earth's 25,800 year cycle that is
called the "Great Year" or "precession of the equinoxes" in your dictionary.

About every thirty day we enter a new month in our regular year
with its four seasons. At this time in the Great Year, we are entering a
tropical age with its devastating consequences, including melting of the ice
caps and warming of the Earth, on a material plane. Most of this is a just a
seasonal change in the Great Year.

Just as the first rays of our Sun dawns a new day, a time of spiritual growth
and consciousness is enveloping our Earth as we enter the Age of Aquarius.
By the time you finish this book you will understand that the Son and the twelve
Disciples and the Sun and the twelve constellations is the same story. This being true,
notice that the Sun's light (ultra violet light) is increasing on the planet at this time.
There is nothing new under the Sun - only repackaging.

Chapter Ten is called "Food for Thought"  It will help you end dis-ease, look younger,
and handle the sun's increasing light at this time in the Great Year.

Using playful and friendly language, Andy Raymond
explains this almost-forgotten cosmic process -- which was so important to our
ancestors that they recorded it in countless myths and monuments, from the
tarot deck to
Stonehenge to the fundamental belief of all world religions.

Among the provocative revelations in this book:
* You're not the astrological sign that you thought you were;

* Earth is entering a period of enlightenment and turbulence as predicted by most

* Comprehend why we are Dawning into the Age of Aquarius -- the water bearer in

* The stories of the "Son and the twelve apostles" and the "Sun
and the twelve constellation" have their roots in early Egyptian and Babylonian astronomy;

* Discover that Ezekiel's four cherubim (Man, Lion, Bull, and Eagle) are the four
pillars of the twelve constellations in the heavens, and these symbols are
found in many creation stories from Egyptian, Mayan, Hindu, and Babylon -- just
to name a few.

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