Hannibal Magnus


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Author  Dan Fozzard
Publisher  Dan Fozzard
Publication Date   September 28, 2009
Pages  145


In "The Find," an ancient sarcophagus is discovered in the Italian Alps, and its contents prove to be of enormous importance to the study of archeology and history. One of the tomb's treasures was the collected writings of a member of Hannibal's staff, an eyewitness and participant of the Second Punic War. The author, Aeneas, recorded his observations and the events that had up until this point, only been guessed at by historians. In spite of
Hannibal's string of victories, Carthage - when faced with a single defeat -surrendered to Rome. The book points out that Carthage had distaste for long wars, and when faced with one - even a war they were winning - their patience fell short.

"In 'Hannibal Magnus,' Dan Fozzard offers a fresh and insightful look into the immortal figure of Hannibal, perhaps the most brilliant commander in history, and into the circumstances surrounding the second war of Carthage with Rome, a conflict whose outcome could have changed the course of history. A worthwhile reading!"

Yozan Mosig, Professor, University of Nebraska

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